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Torrent Definition.
The first meaning is when you download/share a file via the bittorrent protocol, that file is called a torrent. A torrent is also a small file that when used with a bittorrent client, tells the client how to find the and download the software it corresponds to.
Torrent definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
A torrent of abuse or questions is a lot of abuse or questions directed continuously at someone. He turned round and directed a torrent of abuse at me. a 45000, offer which prompted a torrent of criticism in the media.
Torrent - definition of torrent by The Free Dictionary.
n river reißender Strom; fig, of lava Strom m; of words, insults Sturzbach m, Schwall m, Flut f; the rain came down in torrent s der Regen kam in wahren Sturzbächen herunter; a torrent of abuse ein Schwall m von Beschimpfungen.
Torrent file - Wikipedia.
Other large downloads, such as media files, are often torrented as well. Torrent files Filename extension. Standard BEP-0003 1. 2 File structure. 3.1 Draft extensions. 3.1.1 Distributed hash tables. 3.1.2 Multiple trackers. 3.1.3 HTTP seeds. 3.1.4 Private torrents. 3.1.5 Merkle trees.
12 Best Torrent Sites for November 2021 That Are Safe and Working.
Torrenting itself is not illegal in most countries, but the file you torrent MAY be if it is still under copyright. My team and I dont condone illegal torrenting, so be sure to check the rules and regulations in your country before you download anything that might be protected under copyright. Short on Time? Here Are the Best Torrent Sites in November 2021. The Pirate Bay - Most well-established torrent download site with plenty of seeders and verified uploaders. RARBG - Verifies all torrents and has a personalized user experience, but plenty of ads. 1337x - Massive torrent library and simple interface, but has a few fake links. YTS - The best torrent site for high-quality movies and has small files, but lots of ads. Torrentz2 - A torrent search engine thats excellent for music but contains fake links.
Fractal Design Torrent Review: Totally Different, Totally Cool Tom's' Hardware. logo.
The Torrent is unlike most other ATX cases that Ive run into, but not in a bad way. With the trend toward higher-and-higher TDP hardware, the Torrent seems primed to capitalize on that, with a design that should offer more airflow than any other case Ive tested yet hence the name Torrent.
Fractal Design Torrent Reviews, Pros and Cons TechSpot. User login. Search. TechSpot logo.
By delivering low noise levels, tons of airflow and some of the best thermals that we have ever seen, Fractal's' Torrent is easily the best case that we have looked at this year. For that, The Fractal Torrent deserves our highest award.
a torrent of something meaning of a torrent of something in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English LDOCE.
From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English a torrent of something a torrent of something LOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNT a lot of words spoken quickly, especially in order to insult or criticize someone SYN stream When I asked him to move, he unleashed a torrent of abuse.
Fractal Design Torrent Review KitGuru.
We dont yet have a buy link but we have been told you will be able to buy the Fractal Design Torrent for 165. Update 3/9/2021: Leo has revisited the Torrent, this time using a fully air cooled system instead of the custom loop shown here.
torrent Wiktionary.
Russian: торрент ru m tórrent. torrent third-person singular simple present torrents, present participle torrenting, simple past and past participle torrented. Internet slang, transitive To download in a torrent. The video rental place didn't' have the film I was after, but I managed to torrent it.

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